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There’s a good chance that your gaming time this week has been filled with either Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, or Horizon: Forbidden West – three HUGE games that rather unfairly all arrived within a couple of weeks of each other and offer their own individual takes on epic single-player campaigns.

Forbidden West is predictably the most traditional of the three, with an endless list of NPC-given main and side quests all doled out across its gradually unlocking open world in typical modern-day fashion. It’s a spectacular world though, and said NPCs are at least a hell of a lot more engaging than the cardboard cut-outs of the first game.

GT 7 thankfully brings back the fully-featured campaign mode that was sorely missing from GT Sport, and also introduces Café Mode – an excellent new addition that leads you in and out of different events and scenarios as you check off its list of ‘menu items’. It’s a successful new feature that is brilliantly integrated into the game’s structure, and something that will hopefully be expanded upon in the game’s promised updates.

Then there’s Elden Ring, which stretches out the spectacular semi-open level design FromSoftware are famous for into a fully open world for the first time. Progression is slower and far less guided than many players will be used to (there are no quest-trackers or mission-markers here), but the result is a game that actually feels like an adventure. Its stories are your own, and when you stumble across places and people organically rather than being led hand-in-hand directly to them, the sense of discovery is unmatched.

All three are worth your time, and it’s interesting to see such different approaches and such commitment made to lengthy single-player campaigns, something many feared was in danger of disappearing altogether just a few short years ago.

Whether you’re playing one of these games, or something else entirely, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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