Auto-aim off. No Oddjob.

Well, it’s been a bit of a busy week in video game land. Not especially in terms of game releases (although there were a couple of good ones worth looking at – see New Releases later in the email!), but plenty of interesting things have happened over the last 7 days that you may have missed.

First off, a proper trailer for the new Monkey Island was released courtesy of Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct. There’s a bold new art style, sword and nautical combat, and plenty of that trademark Monkey Island humour. Creator Ron Gilbert has also stated his desire to avoid the series’ tendency for overly obscure puzzles, which is nice. He’s also said that the game will include its own built-in hints system, because if it doesn’t then players “are just going to jump over to the web and read a walkthrough.” Fair point.

There were plenty of other announcements during the Direct too, including an October release date for Sparks of Hope – the sequel to Ubisoft’s brilliant and criminally under-talked-about Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You can see a full rundown of the Direct here.

This week also saw the release of the long-awaited GoldenEye documentary GoldenEra, which is available to rent and buy at Amazon and via iTunes and Google Play. It’s good. And well worth a watch for all the Goldeneye fans reading. There’s also a ‘Making of GoldenEye 007’ book from the brilliant Boss Fight Books currently crowdfunding. You can find more info in the Crowdfunding section later in this newsletter.

Speaking of GoldenEye, this August will see the UK’s Centre for Computing History host the GoldenEye World Championships. Those who once proclaimed themselves and their friends to be The Best GoldenEye Players in the World can find out more about the tournament and buy tickets here. If you’re that friend who always played as Oddjob, you’re not invited.

Hopefully sometime soon this newsletter will feature the news that the GoldenEye remake which doesn’t officially exist yet but which Rare employees keep unlocking achievements in has been released.

Finally, this week also marked the launch of the latest issue of the [lock-on] gaming journal from Lost in Cult. Many reading this will know that Lost in Cult is an official friend of The Week in Games (not sponsored, to be clear), and that I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a long time now. This latest issue is a little bit more special to me personally however, because… well, I’m in it.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Journey Art Director and Giant Squid co-founder Matt Nava a couple of months back and wrote an article about Journey itself and the state of art design in gaming generally. I’m a huge fan of Matt’s work, so this was a big deal.

There are so many incredible writers, artists and designers involved in this project, so I’m humbled that some of my words will be featured alongside them. A huge thank you to any Lost in Cult folk reading this for the opportunity.[lock-on] Volume 004 is funding as we speak. If you’d like to learn more you can check it out here.

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