The games are back

Zelda! GoldenEye! Pikmin! God of War! Tekken!

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is happening right now, and the build up to it this week has seen a nice steady stream of new game announcements. It’s felt a little bit like E3 week, which has been quite nice. We even had a PlayStation State of Play and a Nintendo Direct on the same day! Be still my beating heart!

Of course nothing really compares to the E3 glory days of old, and the pre-recorded showcases we’re treated to these days still have an air of marketing Power Point presentations about them, but both featured some exciting new game trailers, and everybody loves new game trailers, right?

Nintendo’s Direct was oddly pre-occupied with farming simulators. Although a remaster of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (now called Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life) will have drawn a smile from fans with happy memories of the GameCube original. Of which I am most certainly one.

The GoldenEye remaster is finally real (although not the previously leaked upgraded version many had hoped for) and is coming soon to Switch and Xbox. Pikmin 4 is also finally real, and a host of new N64 games are headed to Nintendo’s Switch Online service, including genre classics Pilotwings 64 and 1080° Snowboarding.

We’ll probably never know whether the latest Zelda’s unfortunately-timed new name was behind Nintendo’s decision not to livestream the Direct in the UK. But of course every other gaming channel showed it, and the trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that closed the show is a brilliant mixture of the familiar and the new that successfully got the fan theories swirling.

Sony brought a similar show-reel of titles to show off. And Tekken 8, new Hogwarts Legacy footage, the intriguing Pacific Drive and Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin ensured there was a little something for everyone. And of course, we finally got a proper God of War Ragnarök update. The lack of news has been a little worrying with that early November release date fast approaching, so it was reassuring to get some predictably spectacular new footage to gawp at.

After what seems like a rather long period where new game announcements have been few and far between, it’s beginning to feel as though the industry is starting to get back on track a bit. And that we could have a very busy 2023 full of quality games to look forward to.

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