We’ve never had it so good


It’s never been easier to access games – any age, any genre, any device. Is this the best it’s ever been?

Born again


This week instead of joining the debate about which games shouldn’t be remade, I thought I’d put forward a list of some that I think should…

Building BRIDGES


Death Stranding is unwieldy, convoluted and features everything I dislike about modern gaming. Why can’t I stop playing it?

Unfinished sympathy


Should game-makers be more transparent when it comes to the development process, or does the GTA VI leak prove that we’re just not ready?

The games are back


This week we’re talking new games. Do the reveals during Tokyo Game Show mean we could be in for a killer 2023?

Time is money


What does value mean to you?

Risky Business


PS5 now costs more. Is Sony within its rights to increase prices in line with everything else? Or is this a step too far by a company taking its success for granted?

A low-key legend returns


Wave Race is back. Is it even more impressive now than it was back in ‘96/97?

A new foe has appeared!


27 years ago a new console was only weeks away from hitting the US and Europe. Was the arrival of the PlayStation the biggest thing to happen to gaming?

Over the Horizon


After 30 hours with Horizon: Forbidden West, I think it’s time to accept the fact that I don’t like it very much. I just can’t work out why…

25 weeks of The Week in Games


Thank you.

Trojan Paws


So Stray released this week. Maybe you heard? Is it the game cat-lovers were hoping for? Or is there more (or less!) to this game than the mere cat-simulator some have labelled it as?

“Fun! Fun for everyone”


A little tribute to former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, who passed away 7 years ago this week.

A Link to the Past


The year’s biggest game is coming, and its build-up is reminiscent of simpler times.

Auto-aim off. No Oddjob.


GoldenEye features heavily in a busy week for gaming news and releases.

God of Where?


So, game announcement season came and went with a bit of a whimper. There was some good stuff announced, and a few nice little surprises, but where was all the big stuff?

A day for the devs


A rather dull Game Fest meant that indies were given room to shine.

And here, we, go!


This week Sony kicked off not-E3 season with a surprisingly great State of Play. Does this bode well for the game reveals to come over the next couple of weeks?

Introducing… PS5: The Ultimate Game Guide!


An unofficial e-mag featuring over 70 pages of PS5 exclusives, PS4 classics, PS VR and indie essentials, and more!

Game Past?


This week doubts were raised about the previously untouchable Game Pass. Was it all blown out of proportion, or does Microsoft have reason to worry?

Analysis paralysis


Following the full reveal of the new PlayStation Plus service, this week we’re talking subscriptions. We’ve never had so much choice, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Let’s get physical


This week we’re talking Xbox server outages, DRM, and digital ownership woes. Many say physical media is the answer, but is it really that simple?

Who’s got the funk?


I’m in a gaming funk. Access to thousands of games and there’s nothing I want to play…

There’s an app for that?


This week Apple warned that many apps and games will be removed from the App Store unless they are updated within 30 days. Not good news for indies, and worse for preservation.

A (Play)date with destiny


Can Panic’s Playdate and Valve’s Steam Deck overcome delays and production issues to reach a mainstream audience, or are they destined to gather dust in gaming’s collective cupboard?

Rez! Fez! PES!?


Just a short one this week. Where we look at Rez, 10 years of Fez, and the fall of PES.

10 years of Fez: A Week in Games Special


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the latest Special Edition of The Week in Games celebrates the design, art, and music of Polytron’s indie classic Fez!

So you want to be a pirate, eh?


Over the last week or so I’ve had the opportunity to write for a publication that I am a huge fan of. One with a similar focus on both its words and the imagery that goes with them.

E3, or not E3, that is the question


E3 2022 is officially cancelled. And I don’t care what anybody says, I’m going to miss it.

A perfect 10?


Elden Ring is the latest member of the Edge 10 club. But just how important are reviews, and the score attached to them?

Are you part of the problem?


How many times did you buy Skyrim? GTA V? The GTA Trilogy? Mario 3D All-Stars? Publishers are getting lazy, but are we part of the problem?

10 Years of Journey: A Week in Games Special


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Journey, the first Special Edition of The Week in Games celebrates the design, art, and music of ThatGameCompany’s timeless classic.

Bundle for Ukraine


There’s a good chance that your gaming time this week has been filled with either Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, or Horizon: Forbidden West…

The Soulsborne Identity


Last week a little game called Elden Ring hit the shelves. You might have heard of it?